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Installation for download

Important informations

Installation procedure

Installation files are self-extracting archives (we reccommend).
For advanced users we alternatively also offer archives in the ZIP format.

During the installation follow these steps:

  1. Save installation file on the local disk to the temporary folder (for example C:\POM). To save the file, use any of the links listed after the word Download (HTTP - transfer by protocol HTTP, FTP - transfer by protocol FTP).
  2. Run the installation file and as the destination folder select (enter) the existing installation folder of product IDOS.
  3. After installation we reccomend to read the appropriate ReadMe.txt file.


We strongly DO NOT RECCOMMEND to run the installation files directly from the server (if your internet browser allows it). Instead option Run use the option Save (see section 1. above).


Arrivals and departures of trains, version 2.08
Contains files Vyvesky.xls, VyveskyReadMe.txt.
For Windows platform only.

Update date: 9.2.2016, size: 408.064 B

Download VYVESKY.EXE: with protocol HTTP  |  with protocol FTP

IDOS - data updates, version 1.3.2
Contains files TTUpdater.xls, TTUpdaterReadMe.txt.
For Windows platform only.
This is an experimental application. We do not guarantee its functionality. Read the relevant TTUpdaterReadMe.txt which is included in installation.

Update date: 13.3.2018, size: 338.448 B

Download TTUPDATER.EXE: with protocol HTTP  |  with protocol FTP

IDOS - creating shortcuts, version 1.2
Contains files TTMakeShortcut.xls, TTMakeShortcutReadMe.txt.
For Windows platform only.

Update date: 9.2.2016, size: 318.416 B

Download TTMAKESHORTCUT.EXE: with protocol HTTP  |  with protocol FTP

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