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Coordinates update

Significant data update for and journey planners

August 1, 2018

We have performed a significant data update of the and journey planners:

  • we have refined and added the missing coordinates of all bus and public transport stops within the Slovak Republic.

On the coordinates update has the Central European Data Agency, a.s. significantly contributed. They made most of the refinements of bus and public transport stops coordinates.

This change will be reflected primarily in native mobile applications Timetables CP for Android and iOS operating systems where it will affect the search for the closest stops based on the device's current location.


Dec 1,2019

New version of IDOS

A new version of the IDOS for Android and iOs has been released.

Nov 13,2019

Charitable activities

We support charity projects.

Nov 6,2019

Orders for validity 2020

We allows fill orders for IDOS for the validity 2020.

Jul 25,2019

Job offer

We are looking for new colleagues to our team.

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