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New version of IDOS

Improved functionality of the IDOS search engine

May 18, 2020

We have updated the site IDOS for mobile devices at It includes this following changes:

  • added possibility to user login,
  • change of used address to

For the logged in user, the following is shared from/to the "full" version of IDOS:

  • search history,
  • favorites,
  • purchased tickets.

Purchasing tickets directly in the application is not yet implemented (it is still a redirection to foreign servers), but this feature will be added in the near future.


May 18,2020

New version of IDOS

A new version of the IDOS web search engine has been implemented.

Mar 27,2020

Charitable activities

We support charity projects.

Mar 13,2020


Transport measures.

Mar 9,2020


Termination of the old version of the web search engine.

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