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The European Union, the European Regional Development Fund, the Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness

Our Company in year 2016 was approved to finance the Development of Application "Inteligent transportation" project under the registration number CZ.01.4.04/0.0/0.0/15_005/0000117 from the Operational Program Business and Innovation for Competitiveness.

The subject of the project is the development of a new comprehensive application for public transport system management, information on its status, access to transport databases with a focus on integrated transport systems in cities and other advanced functionality.

The project addresses the problem of insufficient interconnection of individual components of information systems in public transport. At present, there are no functionally linked applications that could serve both transport planning and traffic controllers, dispatching centers for immediate traffic management and at the same time users (citizens) to obtain static and online information on actual traffic connections.

The goal of the project is to develop a universal application that can be used by all participants in integrated transport systems, both by private and public carriers and by public administration, as well as ordinary citizens, with minimal demands on the complexity of the operators and the complexity of the installation or hardware performance.

As a result of the project, it is expected that easier planning in public transport, outages management and online information will be provided, for example on the use of connections, delays, the actual position of the particular connection, online check-in, the distribution of income between IDS participants and so on, not only in standard interfaces, but also through application layers for smart devices such as tablets and mobiles.


Jan 11,2019

Adjustment of IDOS data

A significant modification of the IDOS web search engine data has been implemented.

Dec 9,2018

Cancelation of Vykony

The providing of the app Vykony has been canceled.

Oct 19,2018

New version of IDOS

A new version of the IDOS for Android and iOs has been released.

Sep 1,2018

Tariff calculator of ČD fare

The Tariff Calculator service has been canceled.

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